Help students assume personal responsibility for learning by comparing their learning style to their teacher's teaching style.




Study Skills will pay your students dividends for life.

Study Skills offers a metacognitive system for teaching students how to learn and provides strategies, techniques and materials educators need to make every student an academic success. SCORE emphasizes study skills because research has shown that it is one of two correlates to student success.

SCORE's Study Skills curriculum will enable your students to master your course content and meet the Common Core Content Standards.

Students love it!
I got very good grades because of you. Thank you.
It helped me with my reading.
It is really fun. It's really helpful. It can help you on note taking.
The tests used to be harder but now they are easier.
I learned how to take notes better and to not distract me in class. That has helped me get good grades.
I learned how to reduce test anxiety.

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Smarter, Not Harder

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Study Skills

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