Take my hand: guiding your child through grief

When students are in crisis, their behavior and their capacity to learn changes.  Our techniques for reaching them must change too.



A Person mourning the end of a marriage desperately needs friends, but they're not always easy to help.  Learn how!



Crisis,grief, and Loss, how to help your student through it

Child Grief

You Love A Child Whose Heart Is Broken. Discover healing, learning, and growing together in the aftermath of death. Authors are mother and son.



When a Friend, Gets a Divorce

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Justin, Heaven's baby

Justin's life was short but victorious. His story will give you strength to face your own trials, however different your journey may be.



Working with high-risk students, Sharon discovered that most of them were negatively reacting to grief in their lives.  Using these and SCORE strategies, 40% of those students identified in middle school as “probably not going to college” graduated in the top 12.5% of their graduating class.  

Sharon writes and teaches from the personal experience of parenting her preschooler through the grief of losing his baby brother and her years of working with high-risk youth traumatized by grief and loss.

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