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Book and Workbook:  Learn to heal, move forward in life, and laugh again


Divorce & Grief Recovery Curriculum

Surviving Separation & Divorce

Jump-start your ministry. Learn from the Crystal Cathedral’s successful practices!  Receive management strategies, curriculum, and power points.



Divorce & Grief Recovery Phase 1

Divorce & Grief Recovery Phase 2

Practical, biblical insights for surviving the grief stage of shock resulting from separation or divorce.


Divorce & Grief Recovery

There is hope...
I never dreamed I would be divorced.
I never thought I’d have to some day bury a baby.
Single parenting was something others did, not me.
I never thought of myself as the “mother of the handicapped.”
Within 13 months, I was all of these.  I wished to die, but I had a son who deserved to live.  I have discovered God always gives us a reason to live. 

If it hurts your heart, you need to heal it.
A friend of mine whose wife died after 60 years of marriage told me that during those last two years, she didn’t even know him.  Every day, he would go to the hospital, sit, and hold her hand.  He thought, “Nothing could be worse than this.”

Then she died, and he didn’t even have a hand to hold.
Working through my grief over losing a child transformed Justin from my tragedy on earth to my treasure in Heaven.  Working through my grief over the divorce that followed transformed me from the victim of life to the victor over my circumstances.  

Remember to “Pay It Forward.”

In those early days when people tried to comfort me, some would say, "You know, God is going to use this to help others some day."  I would reply, bitterly (and yes, I meant it), "That's wonderful.  I've prayed all my life I could be someone's bad example."

Who could know then, in the midst of my pain, that God was preparing me to lead the Divorce and Grief Recovery program for the Crystal Cathedral!  And who could know then that it would be one of the most rewarding things I do?  People walk into that room with the same pain on their faces I lived with for years, and they learn to laugh again.
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