Accelerating High-Risk Youth: A Leaders Guide

Help students assume personal responsibility for learning by comparing their learning style to their teacher's teaching style.



A practical, comprehensive collecition of techniques, research findings, materials, strategies, and teaching tools to help teachers empower students to learn their content.  260 text pages; 33 reproduction masters



ALL Three! Teacher's Guide & Student Class Sets

Study Skills for Student Success Teacher's Resource Guide

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How to Organize and run an Effective Tutorial Program DVD

"Usually tutorial programs do more harm than good." Learn how to design a tutorial that works, even for your most difficult to reach students.



about SCORE

SCORE works with school teams to establish, enhance, or overhaul academic support programs including study skills, tutorials, teacher advisory programs, motivational programs, after school programs, parent partnerships, and guidance activities. SCORE improves student behavior and attitude; increases student academic performance in a rich common core curriculum; and raises college and career eligibility rates.  SCORE is successful with all at-risk populations.

SCORE works! It received recognition by the United States Department of Education as a model program and is a member of the National Diffusion Network (NDN). SCORE's national validation was based on the following five claims:

  • High-risk students who participate in SCORE are successfully up-placed into a rich, common core college preparatory curriculum.
  • SCORE high-risk students enroll in colleges and universities at rates higher than their peers.
  • Students involved in SCORE test out of limited English programs at rates higher than their peers.
  • SCORE schools decrease remedial course offerings and increase college prep.
  • Schools that implement an effective SCORE program increase graduation rates.

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Smarter, Not Harder 40 book set

SCORE works! It received recognition by the United States Department of Education.  Learn SCORE's vision and keys to success.



40 Study Skills Workbooks, 40 Smarter, Not Harder!, and 1 Study Skills for Student Success

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